Radiomen by Eleanor Lerman

Synopsis: There are two themes to Radiomen. First, if there are aliens interacting with our world they are likely just as confused about who or what God is as human beings are; and second, whoever they are, they’re probably just as fond of dogs as we are.

Laurie, a woman who works at a bar at Kennedy airport doesn’t remember that when she was a child, she met an alien on the fire escape of a building where her uncle kept a shortwave radio. The radio is part of a universal network of repeaters maintained by an unknown alien race; they us the network to broadcast prayers into the universe.

She meets a psychic who is actually part of a Scientology-like cult called the “Blue Awareness,” as well as a late-night radio host. All have their own reasons for unraveling the mystery of the lost radio network.

Laurie is given a strange dog by her neighbor, an immigrant and a member of the Dogon tribe – people who believe they were visited by aliens long ago and repeat a myth about how the aliens brought dog-like animals with them. All Dogon dogs are supposedly descended from that animal.

As conflict develops between the Blue Awareness leader and the other characters, the Dogon acts as an intermediary between the humans, who want to understand why the aliens need the radio network, and the aliens who need the humans to help them find a lost element of the universal network.

Published: January 2015 | ISBN: 978-1579623838

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A spooky E.T. tale written as a convincing post-911 memoir, Laurie, a washed up, forty-something NYC airport bartender, calls a nighttime radio show and finds herself revisiting a hazy childhood memory of sitting on a fire escape, listening to Sputnik 10’s signals on her uncle’s Haver kit radio. Psychics, dogs, and a Scientology-like cult enter her life and leave her grasping for meaning and authenticity as she pursues contact with an elusive shadow-being that’s as shadowy and oblique as her untrustworthy human allies. This award-winning poet and “literary outlaw” injects new life into sci-fi while reminding the digital generation of the fascinating and spooky science of radio waves. The most recent winner of the John W. Campbell Memorial Award, and a worthy one, indeed! – From 10 Great Books on Science Fiction (4)

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Hardcover Edition: Radiomen
Audible Edition: Radiomen
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