Spiders: Learning to Love Them


Spiders: Learning to Love Them by Lynne Kelly

Synopsis: When hordes of giant spiders invaded Lynne Kelly’s dreams, she decided it was time to overcome her arachnophobia by getting to know the creature intimately. This extensive introduction answers every basic question about spiders, including articles on web-building, the most venomous and dangerous species, and, of course, arachnid romance. An illustrated guide to identifying webs, a list of useful spider-watching equipment, observations sheets, and dozens of photographs of common species are also provided. Along the way, Lynne explains how she overcame her own arachnophobia, and provides tips and hints on how any arachnophobe can do the same.

Published: October 2009 | ISBN: 978-1741751796

Author’s Blog: http://spiderblogger.blogspot.com.au
Author’s Homepage: http://www.lynnekelly.com.au

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Paperback Edition: Spiders: Learning to Love Them
Kindle Edition: Spiders: Learning to love them


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