Self-Portrait with Turtles: A Memoir


Self-Portrait with Turtles: A Memoir by David M Carroll

Synopsis: A renowned artist, author, and naturalist, David M. Carroll is exceptionally skilled at capturing nature on the page. In Self-Portrait with Turtles, he reflects on his own life, recounting the crucial moments that shaped his passions and abilities. Beginning with his first sighting of a wild turtle at age eight, Carroll describes his lifelong fascination with swamps and the creatures that inhabit them. He also traces his evolution as an artist, from the words of encouragement he received in high school to his college days in Boston to his life with his wife and family. Self-Portrait with Turtles is a remarkable memoir, a marvelous and exhilarating account of a life well lived.

Published: March 2004 | ISBN-13: 978-0618565849

Author’s Homepage:

Book Page Book Review
Publishers Weekly Book Review
Kirkus Reviews Book Review
The Canadian Field Naturalist Book Review [pdf]

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Hardcover Edition: Self-Portrait with Turtles: A Memoir
Paperback Edition: Self-Portrait with Turtles: A Memoir


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