Spaceborne by Donald R Pettit

Synopsis: Who hasn’t gazed upward, dreaming of the stars? Who hasn’t yearned to view our home planet from space? Astronaut Donald R. Pettit has lived in space – worked and walked in space. During his 370 days aboard the International Space Station, Pettit created a unique portfolio of fascinating photographs of the earth, the stars, and everything in between. They are the stuff dreams are made of.

“Art is woven into the fabric of space, and we will only fully sense its forms by venturing there. Astronauts are privileged to be the explorers of this age, adn I believe we should share out experiences with everyone on earth.” – Donald R. Pettit.

Published: October 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-0996058766

Book’s Homepage:

Mini-bio: Donald R. Pettit, Ph.D, is an active NASA astronaut, photographer, inventor and scientist who has had the extraordinary experience of spending 370 days aboard the International Space Station, including 13 hours of space-walking, and was Mission Specialist 1 on STS-126 space shuttle mission. – From Book’s Homepage

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The Guardian Photo Gallery
Los Angeles Times Book Review



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