Science Book a Day Celebrates its 1000th Book!


Science Book a Day Celebrates its 1000th Book!

Today we at SBAD celebrate our 1000th book! I started this blog on the 1st of June 2013 with The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters which I thought was the perfect direction for the blog to take – a book about how science infuses our daily lives and why that matters. Since then I’ve featured a total of 999 books in as many days, living up to the manifesto implied in the title of the blog.

So today is our 1000th day and 1000th book, so at 2pm (Melbourne, Australia time) I feature a book, which I thought would be the perfect counterpoint to The Geek Manifesto. It will be none other than Charles Darwin’s classic, On the Origin of Species.

I would really like to thank everyone who has made this blog possible. Firstly my beautiful wife Alison who has been my continual support and coach on this 1000 book journey. I would like to thank Warren Bonnet, co-owner of the best science bookshop in the world – Embiggen Books, who’s encyclopedic knowledge of science books always makes mine feel small. Thanks to all of the authors who wrote the books that have gone on to the blog and those that were happy to talk about them. Thanks to the many reviewers and “10 Great Book” list writers who have given of their own time and intellectual ideas. Thanks to the publishers/authors who have given their books for review and for our monthly giveaways.

FINALLY, thanks to everyone who has ever visited this blog and has made this journey SO worthwhile.

Here’s to the next 1000 books 🙂




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