Sustainable Materials – With Both Eyes Open

by Julian M Allwood and Jonathan M Cullen

Synopsis: This evidence-based survey presents a holistic vision of options for a sustainable future by going beyond efficient and clean production to the inclusion of material efficiency and the reduction of demand. Beginning with an all-encompassing examination of the uses of the five most important materials—steel, aluminum, cement, plastic, and paper—this exploration delves into the entire lifecycle of these materials, from smelting and goods manufacture to final recycling. Through evidence drawn from this analysis and real-world commercial enterprises, the study submits creative solutions for achieving manufacturing efficiencies and the same functionality or services using less material, and identifies potential economic outcomes from these scenarios.

Published: April 2012 | ISBN-13: 978-1906860059

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Mini-bio: Julian Allwood worked for 10 years for Alcoa, prior to developing an academic career, initially at Imperial College, and from 2000 in Cambridge. In parallel with developing new manufacturing technologies for shaping metals, he has built up a research group looking at environmental systems and production. – U of Cambridge Bio

Mini-bio: Jonathan M Cullen is a University Lecturer in Energy, Transport and Urban Infrastructure at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Fitzwilliam College where he chairs the Environment Committee. His research interests include whole energy systems, energy and material demand reduction and energy conversion and storage technologies. – U of Cambridge Bio


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