Predators: The Whole Tooth and Claw Story (Science Sorted)

by Glenn Murphy

Synopsis: Sink your teeth into Predators, a brand-new book all about hunters – from dinosaurs and lions to wolverines!

What turns owls into airborne ninjas? Which creature has the highest pounce rate? Which dinosaur scared the pants off the mighty T-rex?

Glenn Murphy, author of Why Is Snot Green? and How Loud Can You Burp? leads us through the wide world of all things toothed, clawed and fearsome in this brilliantly informative book about creatures that hunt to survive.

Packed with amazing photographs, illustrations, information and jokes about all things sharp, toothy and ferocious – from lions and bears to dinosaurs and wolverines, this book contains absolutely no boring bits!

Published: June 2015 | ISBN: 9781447285045

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