An Ordinary Epidemic

by Amanda Hickie

Synopsis: Hannah is stuck in the middle of a deadly outbreak. As Sydney goes into lockdown, she attempts to quarantine her home and protect her family from the alarming infection around them. How far will a desperate mother go to keep her loved ones safe?

In An Ordinary Epidemic, fear and compassion collide as Hannah, Sean and their two boys struggle to survive while the epidemic spreads. But what happens when their water supply is cut—and then the power…?

Published: May 2015 | ISBN: 9781925227031

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The Clothesline Interview Author

“… It’s utterly fascinating, a little gruesome and impossible to put down … the story is both familiar and completely strange … Amanda Hickie’s second novel really captures the claustrophobia of quarantine, and the threat of someone clearing their throat or an accidental brush of skin. This is a slow-burn thriller that would make an excellent choice for a book club …” – Jessica Broadbent, review from Australian Bookseller & Publisher

The Australian Book Review
The Clothesline Book Review

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