Those Eco-Pirate Kids

by Jon Tucker

Synopsis: Young Fin has always been passionate about fishing, so when he discovers an illegal net full of undersized fish in Sydney’s northern waterways, his first reaction is to empty it. The subsequent events turn a joint Kiwi-Australian family holiday into a rather more complex experience.

Jon Tucker’s latest novel, like its precursor which found its way onto the adult shelves of several libraries and bookstores, has been described as a children’s book written for adults. Underlying its clear environmental message is the conclusion that modern children can still find adventure when their parents are prepared to give them a little trust and freedom.

Published: July 2014 | ISBN: 9780980835328

Mini-bio: Jon Tucker married the girl next door when they were teenagers in New Zealand, and they both built the traditional black ketch ‘New Zealand Maid’ which was to become home for their family of five boys when they gave up their teaching jobs, loaded up ten boxes of school-work, and sailed away into the South Seas. Jon and his wife are now based on a Tasmanian island where, between voyages, he writes books based on the expeditions that he and his adventurous family have enjoyed. – From

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