Hot X: Algebra Exposed!

by Danica McKeller

Synopsis: Algebra: The word alone has been known to strike fear in the hearts of even the best students, but help is here! With her two earlier books, actress and math genius Danica McKellar shattered the “math nerd” stereotype and empowered girls to conquer middle-school math and pre- algebra. Sizzling with McKellar’s trademark sass and style, Hot X: Algebra Exposed now shows high schoolers how to master algebra topics like square roots, polynomials, quadratic equations, word problems, and more. In addition to fun extras like personality quizzes, reader polls, and boy-crazy confessionals, Hot X includes

  • time-saving tips and tricks
  • sample problems with detailed solutions
  • relatable real-world examples

Parents and daughters alike will cheer McKellar as they watch their test scores rise!

Published: June 2011 | ISBN-13: 978-0452297197

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