Where Do I Live? (Budding Biologist)

by Kristine Duehl and Katy Castronovo (Illustrator)

Synopsis: Young children will eagerly explore the relationships between biomes and animals in this vivid and accurately illustrated lesson in scientific thinking. The book introduces the five major biomes—aquatic, desert, forest, grassland, and tundra—with examples of animals that live in each. The book then implements an inquiry-style teaching method by asking readers where they think an animal might live before providing information on the animal and its biome. Once the reader learns about the characteristics of the biome and an animal’s adaptation to its biome, the book follows up with a question to encourage the reader to think further about the relationship between a biome and such animal adaptations, all the while demonstrating the effectiveness of inquiry-based education.

2014 Winner of the Younger Reader’s DeBary Outstanding Children’s Science Book Award

Published: June 2013 | ISBN-13: 978-0985548117 | Age: 5-7 years

Series’ Homepage: http://www.buddingbiologist.com
Series’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuddingBio

Author’s Homepage: http://kcallisduehl.jimdo.com
Author’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/kriscallis

Illustrator’s Homepage: http://www.kcastronovo.com

Book’s Kickstarter Campaign

San Fransisco Book Review Book Review

[Image Credit: http://www.buddingbiologist.com/images/wdil.PNG ]


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