Zobi and the Zoox

By Ailsa Wild, Aviva Reed, Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti

Synopsis:  This book is about a symbiotic relationship. It tells the story of the microscopic friends living in a tiny coral polyp.

With her home under threat from a warming ocean, Zobi, a brave rhizobia bacterium, teams up with a family of slow but steady Zoox (zooxanthellae). The coral becomes gravely ill and bacteria around them begin to starve. Can Zobi and the Zoox work together to save the day?

Zobi and the Zoox is the second in the Small Friends series – stories of symbioses between microbes and larger forms of life. Each book is also a kind of symbiosis: a collaboration between writers, scientists, artists, designers and educators. Small Friends was initiated by Scale Free Network, an art-science collective.

Published: November 2014 | ISBN: 9780992587215 | Ages: 5+ years

Book’s Crowdfunding Page: http://www.pozible.com/project/187995

Book’s Homepage: http://scalefreenetwork.com.au/project/zobi-and-the-zoox/
Authors’ Homepage: http://scalefreenetwork.com.au

Ailsa Wild’s Blog: http://ailsawild.com
Aviva Reed’s Blog: http://avivahannah.blogspot.com.au
Gregory Crocetti’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/gregorycrocetti

[Image Credit: http://scalefreenetwork.com.au/project/zobi-and-the-zoox/ ]


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