Explosive Experiments (Horrible Science)

by Nick Arnold (Author) and Tony De Saulles (Illustrator)

Synopsis: Which scientist blew up his barbie in an experiment? Who tried – and failed – to get rid of his fingerprints with acid? How did scientists track down the chemical cause of cheesy socks? All these questions are answered in the one guide that no aspiring horribe scientist should be without. Explosive Experiments blows up the red hot details of dodgy experiments that have set the world o science alight! What’s more – this book is filled with truly rotten experiments that can be tried at home. Kids can make their own artificial sick, make the moon shrink and create an underwaterolcano.

Published: July 2010 | ISBN-13: 978-1407112060 | Ages: 9-13 years

Series Homepage: http://www.horrible-science.co.uk/bookseries
Author’s Homepage: http://www.nickarnold-website.com

Illustrator’s Homepage: http://www.tonydesaulles.co.uk
Illustrator’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/tonydeSaulles

Popular Science co.uk Book Review

[Image Credit: http://img0.gettextbooks.com/pi/1407112066/500/500 ]

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