Why Aren’t We Dead Yet?: The Survivor’s Guide to the Immune System

By Idan Ben-Barak

Synopsis: Disease — specifically infectious disease — is what eventually kills the overwhelming majority of us. In fact, it’s amazing that it doesn’t get us sooner: we fight off millions of disease-causing germs every day.

So how come we’re not dead yet? In this lively and accessible book, Idan Ben-Barak tells us why. He explores the immune system and what keeps it running, how germs are destroyed, and why we develop immunities to certain disease-causing agents, and he examines the role of antibiotics and vaccines, and looks at what the future holds for our collective chances of not being dead.

This is entertaining and thoughtful science writing to inspire the student interested in a career in medicine or immunology, or to inform the reader who just wants to understand more about their body while having a laugh along the way.

Published: July 2014 | ISBN: 9781925106077

Author’s Homepage/Blog: http://idanbb.wordpress.com

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  1. Another truly inspiring and entertaining book is William R. Clark’s “In Defense of Self: How the Immune System Really Works.” He gives wonderfully clear and entertaining explanations of disease processes without insulting your intelligence.

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