Eye Benders: the science of seeing and believing

by Clive Gifford with consultant Anil Seth

Synopsis: Why do some printed pictures appear to swirl madly in front of your eyes? How can two colours that look completely different actually be the same? What makes complete images suddenly arise out of random patterns? With this crazy book of optical illusions, astound your eyes and amaze your brain and discover the science of how the illusions work. Clive Giffords fun and accessible text introduces kids to the neuroscience behind how our brains and our eyes interact, creating these amazing phenomena. Children will be enthralled by the illusions, and engaged by the supporting information. Learning and critical thinking are encouraged, as readers come away wondering: can you ever believe what you see?

Published: October 2013 | ISBN-13: 978-1782400844

Author’s Homepage: http://www.clivegifford.co.uk

Consultant’s Homepage: http://www.anilseth.com
Consultant’s Blog:  http://www.anilkseth.wordpress.com
Consultant’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/anilkseth

Our Interview: Science Book a Day Interviews Clive Gifford and Anil Seth

Nominated for The Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, the judges said: “Warning: this book will try to trick you! It is full of optical illusions you can try for yourself, and we love how interactive this is. What this book does really well is explain each trick of the eye through the science behind it. Both fascinating and fun.”

The Bookbag Book Review
Inis Magazine Book Review

[Image Credit: http://www.ivypress.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/eye-benders-1-k-eyeb-eyebenders-cvr-hb-uk-976×976.jpg ]

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