Smarter: The New Science of Building Brain Power

By Dan Hurley

Synopsis: Can you make yourself, your kids, and your parents smarter?

Expanding upon one of the most-read New York Times Magazine features of 2012, Smarter penetrates the hot new field of intelligence research to reveal what researchers call a revolution in human intellectual abilities. Shattering decades of dogma, scientists began publishing studies in 2008 showing that “fluid intelligence”—the ability to learn, solve novel problems, and get to the heart of things—can be increased through training.

But is it all just hype? With vivid stories of lives transformed, science journalist Dan Hurley delivers practical findings for people of every age and ability. Along the way, he narrates with acidtongued wit his experiences as a human guinea pig, road-testing commercial brain-training programs, learning to play the Renaissance lute, getting physically fit, even undergoing transcranial directcurrent stimulation.

Smarter speaks to the audience that made bestsellers out of Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain and Moonwalking with Einstein.

Published: December 2013 | ISBN-13: 978-1594631276

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Scientific American Interviews Author

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The Guardian Book Review
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  1. Great retirement present! Might get this for my mum in law who is retiring soon and paranoid her brain is going to go to mush….but she’s already doing things to stop it, so she’d love this book!

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