Science Magic in the Bedroom

By Richard Robinson and Alan Rowe (Illustrator)

US Title: Science Magic in the Bedroom: Amazing Tricks with Ordinary Stuff

Synopsis: Science Magic is a series of four paperbacks for children, that make science fun! Find out about everyday science, while performing as a magician, and dazzle your friends and family. Each book uses objects to be found in a different room in the house, to explain some basic scientific principles through magic ‘tricks’, or experiments. The easy, accessible text is complemented with cartoon illustrations to make a winning combination. Richard Robinson has created numerous popular science shows for television, including ‘The Big Bang’ (CITV), and ‘The Riddlers’ (YTV). He also helped set up and perform in the first series of ‘Spitting Image’, the hugely succesful satire television series.

First Published: May 1999 | ISBN-13: 978-0199111558 | Ages: 7-10

Author’s Homepage:
Illustrator’s Homepage:

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