6 Months of Science Book a Day

It’s been six months since I started Science Book a Day and it’s been a bit of a ride.

Author Interviews – At the start the author interviews were something I thought I would do from time to time, but I’ve been asking pretty much each author whose book I’ve featured and more often than not they’re quite happy to talk about their book. Some are able to get their responses back to me ASAP, while others need to take time (due to their busy schedules). In the course of my book featuring, I’ve also found societies that have grown up around the work of deceased authors which has given great insight into the author’s work and their ongoing legacy. I’ve featured over 20 authors in the last six months, so please follow the link and check them out and the books they have written.

Top 10 Books – I’ve looked at the stats for the books most often viewed over different 3 month periods and was quite surprised to find that half of the books listed across these two periods were the same! This suggests the on-going interest in these books over the last 6 months. Very interesting. Check out the lists to see for yourselves.

Top 10 Books on Science Book a Day June – September 2013
Top 10 Books on Science Book a Day September – November 2013

Featuring books on the road – During August and September I was on the road for work, which meant that I had to feature books while I was travelling. This wasn’t easy as you didn’t know which hotels would charge $100/minute internet access or not 🙂 But I’m happy to say I didn’t miss a day!

Reviews – I am trying to build up SBAD to be in a position where it can review books for publishers and authors. This would allow SBAD to be a central hub for reviews about upcoming books. We’ve already been sent books by various authors to review and recently we had a first review by Charlotte Pezaro about Emu Dreaming. We hope to have more articles by writers who are experienced in the areas and to have many more insightful reviews.

Followers – As we’ve slowly increased our following it’s nice to see some familiar faces who visit this site and like the various titles that have been featured. If you read this blog regularly, you know who you are 🙂

Milestones – The blog has been growing each month with more and more hits from various social media. We’ve achieved over 100 followers on WordPress and Twitter. Facebook and Tumblr are following behind but growing steadily. We’ve also received over 200 likes for the books we’ve listed, which indicates that there are many people out there who appreciate this little blog. Thanks!

As we head into the end of 2013 I just want to take a moment to wish you a wonderful end of year with those that you love.




2 thoughts on “6 Months of Science Book a Day

  1. Congratulations George! Running initiatives like this is big undertaking, but so many rewards along the way. Looking forward to the next 6 months 🙂

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