The Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics

By Stanislas Dehaene

Synopsis: The Number Sense is an enlightening exploration of the mathematical mind. Describing experiments that show that human infants have a rudimentary number sense, Stanislas Dehaene suggests that this sense is as basic as our perception of color, and that it is wired into the brain. Dehaene shows that it was the invention of symbolic systems of numerals that started us on the climb to higher mathematics. A fascinating look at the crossroads where numbers and neurons intersect, The Number Sense offers an intriguing tour of how the structure of the brain shapes our mathematical abilities, and how our mathematics opens up a window on the human mind.

Published: December 1999 | ISBN-13: 978-0195132403

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New Yorker Article about Author

Awesome text on where numbers come from. A real eye-opener. From Simon Pampena’s 10 Great Books on Mathematics

NYTimes Book Review
Wild about Math! Book Review
Dailykos Summary of Book

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