The Elements: The New Guide to the Building Blocks of Our Universe

By Jack Challoner

Synopsis: As Carl Sagan memorably put it, “We’re made of star stuff.” The Elements: The New Guide to the Building Blocks of Our Universe takes you on a gorgeously illustrated tour of the Periodic Table. Filled with fascinating information about the elements, their main compounds, and their principal uses, this authoritative yet accessible book, written by renowned popular-science writer Jack Challoner, makes “hard” science easy, interesting, and relevant to our daily lives.

Published: October, 2012 | ISBN-13: 978-1780971254

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An illustrated, and supremely comprehensive, reference book on the elements. As well as helpfully providing an image of each element, this contains general information about the properties, behaviour and occurrence of the elements, their principal uses and main compounds. All elements are listed, even the lesser-known Einsteinium, Protactinium and Ytterbium, presented in a completely easy-to-understand way. – From The Guardian Bookshop

“What a great treatment of this subject! This is excellent in the same way that the old Time-Life history sets were. The material is presented in an easily logical pattern, with lots of interesting facts, photos, and enough tease material to encourage a reader to read further. I’ve never seen the periodic table presented so simply and clearly to the general public before. Kudos! (  )”
(A review from Library Thing) 


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